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Mission Statement

In our articles of incorporation our group was formed to:
to promote the general social welfare of the community and for that purpose:

For the general social welfare, to prevent community deterioration and to promote community development by attempting to attract new residents and businesses to the Turtle Lake area; to preserve and encourage a sense of community and identity by conducting events which foster the foregoing purposes and encourage participation by all citizens in the area; to erect and maintain public buildings, monuments or works; to conduct events which promote and preserve area history and heritage; and to lessen the burdens of government with regard to all of the foregoing matters.

The GTLAA was incorporated in December of 1996.

Greater Turtle Lake Area Assoctiation - Visit their website for more information


President - Laurie Tarman
(715) 986-4199

Treasurer - Donna Cordes
(715) 986-4697

Secretary - Tammy Pabst
(715) 986-2436

Membership Inquiries - Jan Davis
(715) 9876-4680


Current Projects Past Accomplishments
  • Organize Annual Car Show

  • Organize Annual Craft Show

  • Organize Annual Model Train Show

  • Preserving other historical buildings, artifacts and memorabilia.

  • Preservation of the Historic Episcopal Church - 2005

  • Organized the two past Winterfests - 1997, 1998

  • Village Centennial events - 1998

  • "A Tribute to the Time" - Centennial Historical Book


2nd Weekend of August - Cars, Crafts & Rock-N-Roll in the Park, view more photos.

3rd Sunday of October - Model Railroad and Toy Tractor Show, view more photos.


Thunderbird - Car Show 2005

Thunderbird Dash - Car Show 2005

Mustang - Car Show 2005

Car Show 2005

Corvette - Car Show 2005

Batmobile - Car Show 2005

Best in Show 2005

Circus Exhibit - Train Show 2004

Train Show 2004

Train Show 2004

Amusement Park - Train Show 2004

Craft Show 2005

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