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    PO Box 317

    Turtle Lake WI  54889

    (715) 986-2241

Building Community    Networking    Supporting Local Businesses

1st Vice President - Turner Reaney
Treasurer - Patti Reaney    Secretary - Danielle Maxwell-Parker

    Planning a visit? - If you are looking for specific Tourist Information, be sure to visit the tourism portion of the website by clicking this link, Visitor Info.  Here you will find ample information on Turtle Lake as well as a long list of Places to Go and Things to Do, such as Lodging, Dining, Recreation, etc.

Looking for Savings?  Find values, discounts and bargains at Turtle Lake area businesses.
Below are listings of Daily Deals that will find throughout our business community.
Chamber Members are offering Ways to Save when you Shop Turtle Lake!



Hunt for the Golden Turtle - 2015 Season!!

- Find the Golden Turtle & Win $100 worth of Chamber Bucks -

- Golden Turtle Found -

Congratulations to Sue Friday-Thill and her grandson Parker, who found the
Golden Turtle on Wednesday, July 8th, at approximately 4:00 p.m.

She was awarded $100 in Chamber Bucks, good for purchases at any participating Turtle Lake Area business.
The Chamber hopes that everyone enjoyed this year's hunt and we look forward to
embarking on the adventure again next summer.

Click to View Clue #1 in PDF

Click to View Clue #2 in PDF

Click to View Clue #3 in PDF

Click to View Clue #4 in PDF

This Golden Turtle is approximately
2-1/2 inches tall and 4 inches long.

Hunters beware! The Golden Turtle hides only on Public Property. Since turtles are cautious creatures, they avoid dangerous and hazardous locations; you would never catch a Golden Turtle lurking around the Sewer Plant.  Lastly, the Village of Turtle Lake provides such a wonderful habitat for golden turtles that they do not leave the Village limits.

When you find the Golden Turtle, bring it to Village Hall, Monday – Friday, 8a.m. to 4:30p.m. to claim your prize of $100 in Chamber Bucks, redeemable at all Turtle Lake Area Chamber Businesses.
No button is necessary for this prize.

We hope you enjoy this event in conjunction with the Turtle Lake Fair. Good luck, Hunters!

- Turtle Lake Area Chamber of Commerce



Attention Chamber Businesses!
Have an upcoming event, anniversary, special promotion?
Email information to clerk@turtlelakewi.com for consideration to post here, on the Chamber Home Page's "Daily Deals", and announced during the
Talk of Turtle Lake on WJMC.

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The Executive Committee meets as needed.
If you would like an item added to the agenda, please contact
Chamber President, Alissa Coomer, 715-641-0168



Top Ten Reasons to Join the Chamber:

  1. Creates recognition of the Turtle Lake area.

  2. Promotes an energetic organization that is part of a progressive and growing community.

  3. Focuses on the needs of local business.

  4. Provides opportunities to promote and develop your business through cooperative advertising, training, and technical assistance.

  5. Shows consumers your commitment to the community and is a recognized sign of credibility.

  6. Identifies and addresses matters of economic interest and concern to area businesses.

  7. Serves as an inexpensive investment in the long term success of your business.

  8. Fosters organized leadership among business owners.

  9. Enhances the community to make it a better place to live, work, and to conduct business.

  10. Develops a foundation of strength where member ideas are embraced.

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